Go bike anyway . . .

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Go bike anyway . . .

Exercise is good for you, you already knew that. But with a busy job and a busy life it often doesn't work out. Certainly not with the time you spend commuting standing still in traffic jams every day.

For the slightly further distances you also have to. Don't you?

Well, no. The modern e-bike can get you to work comfortably, quickly and reliably. Traffic jams no longer exist; when there is a headwind, the engine helps to maintain speed. And while cycling you are actively exercising. That's good for you, and handy too.

And no, it is not compulsory if it storms or when it is a really rainy day. If it suits you just take your old means of transport.

As of 2020 there is the business lease bike for commuter traffic

It is now possible to lease a bicycle through your employer for commuting.
Through your employer means that you pay a monthly amount for leasing the bike. This amount is deducted directly from your salary. This is done in such a way (settlement on gross salary) that it gives you a tax advantage. You lease the bicycle "all-in": that means including maintenance and repair. After 36 months you can take possession of the bicycle for a modest one-off amount.
This makes buying a bicycle via leasing a lot cheaper than buying a bicycle in one go.

We think this is a good offer. What do you think?

Pleasant and healthy commuter traffic by bike

How leasing works

The contract for the lease bike will be in the name of your employer. You must ask your employer whether he withholds the lease amount from your gross salary. The lease costs will then be deducted from your gross salary. This gives you a tax advantage compared to the private purchase of the same bike. Your employer has the option, as an employee bonus, to pay part or all of the lease costs for you. You are automatically all-risk insured with us. In addition, you choose a service and maintenance package. You pay a fixed monthly fee. The amount depends on the costs of the bicycle you have chosen, the service and maintenance package you have chosen, the amount of your salary, and any contribution from your employer. After 36 months the bicycle can be taken over for an amount of 15% of its new value. You don't have to do anything yourself: no accounting of private use, transfer payments on time, etc.

Calculate your advantage

With the lease bike you get to work well
Down under or
on top of
or with a bicycle ferry
That all sounds fine

Would you like to ride a lease bike to work? Then it is important that your employer is committed to it.

Come and visit our shop and we will be able to list exactly what the costs and benefits will be in your case.

Your employer is not obliged to participate in the new scheme, but we will be happy to inform your employer of the benefits of the new lease bike scheme. It is probable that your employer will then offer this scheme as well.

We can also contact in advance the person responsible for this type of human resources at your company. Please provide his/her contact details using the contact form below. Please ask him or her first if he or she agrees.

What are the advantages of leasing
for me?

Free choice in brand & type of bike

Fiscal advantage compared to purchase

All-in service, maintenance, and insurance

Option to buy after 36 months

Fixed low monthly rate via gross pay

What are the advantages of leasing
for my employer?

This condition facilitates recruiting

Saves on car and parking costs

Vital and fit employees

Sustainable image

Saves on social security contributions

Would you like more information?

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