Hoogeveen, Netherlands


Azor is a typical no-nonsense company. They build bikes with super quality: a bike that doesn't rust fast, parts that don't break easily, extra strong wheels, etc. They achieve this by extensively testing all parts. In short, a bike that just lasts a long time, and won't break easily either. They are proud of that.

They make it easy to put together your own bike from the brochure that contains all their models: then you don't pay for parts you don't need anyway. You can download that leaflet from them or take it with you from our shop.

We often sell Azor bikes, and have a wide selection of their models in our shop.
You can come and have a look at them and try them out with us, and then you will notice that they ride smoothly and look beautiful. There is nothing wrong with the price.


  • Establishment date
  • Location
    Hoogeveen, Nederland
  • Types of bucylcle
  • E-bikes
  • Characterisation
    artisanal quality
  • solid and inexpensive
Models in the shop

Robust bicycles

Sale of bicycles, e-bikes, delivery tricycles, and bicycle accessories

We carry out all common bicycle repairs: also for (brand) e-bikes and cargo bikes.


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