Dieren, Nederland


Koninklijke Gazelle in Dieren employs approximately 450 people. These employees produce 250,000 bicycles per year. This makes Gazelle the market leader in the Netherlands.

Gazelle wants to remain at the forefront with smart innovations that make cycling even more fun and easy.
This translates into new models every year, but Gazelle also honours a few classics from its past.

We have this classic in the shop as an extra:

The Vanstael the outsider of Gazelle, a real retro bike.

Gazelle and warranty

Gazelle says: "New Gazelle bicycles with a full service and warranty can only be purchased through authorized dealers. (...) In short, Gazelle advises you to always buy a bicycle at a Gazelle shop. Quick and professional service and maintenance are then guaranteed".
As a Gazelle dealer we agree with that wholeheartedly.


  • Establishment date
  • Location
    Dieren, Netherlands
  • Types of bicycle
    City bikes
  • E-bikes
  • Mother bikes
  • Characterisation
    large-scale producer
  • tradition & innovatie
Models in the shop

Quality & Tradition

  • Esprit
  • City go
  • Orange C7+
  • Orange C7 HMB
  • Heay Duty
  • Esprit

    A light (aluminium) bike, with a stable frame and fairly indestructible. Ideal as a school bike.

    You see the version with back-pedal brake. We also have this bike with 3 or 7 gears.

  • City go

    This ultimate city bike has a modern look. The lighting is concealed in the frame and the power for it comes from a hub dynamo. Robust lighting.

    There is also a version with 3 or 7 gears and hand brakes.



  • Orange C7+

    The Orange C7+ is the - for years existing - all-rounder for in the city but also very suitable for a bike ride in the countryside.

    In the shop there are versions with 3 and 7 gears.

  • Orange C7 HMB

    Most sold model is the Orange. That makes a lot of sense. This bike delivers powerful, silent support with a mid-motor (Bosch), it stops quickly with the excellent handbrakes, and you sit comfortably with suspension elements under saddle and handlebars.

    Quality within budget.

    Pictured is the model with the Bosch mid-motor, but we also have the model with the Shimano Steps mid-motor in the shop.

    We have several other e-bike models from Gazelle in the shop:

    • the MissGrace HMB, which looks like a Heavyduty transport bike but with Bosch centre engine;
    • the CityZen HMB a fast bike made for the longer commuter distances - a must for the commuter with more distance to the workplace!

    Make an appointment for a test ride with this e-bike!

  • Heay Duty

    This HeavyDuty is a small truck made entirely out of aluminium, so strong but relatively light. It comes with 3 or 7 gears, and this bike has extra powerful handbrakes (roller brakes).

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We carry out all common bicycle repairs: also for (brand) e-bikes and cargo bikes.


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