Maasluis, Netherlands


The Huyserfiets are solid E-Bikes. They are equipped with a powerful and quiet Bafang middle engine. These bikes range from an M300 to an M420 engine.

Has your bike ever been stolen? The Huyser-Connected offers a solution to this problem. By means of a built-in GPS-Tracker (De Huyser connected) you can find your bike up to the last metre.

In this way Huyser tries to stop bicycle thieves!


  • Establisment date
  • Location
    Maassluis, Netherlands
  • Types of bike
  • Characterisation
    small-scale manufacturer
  • innovation
Models in the shop

Solid and robust e-bikes

  • Huyser Maleo
  • Gen 1
  • Huyser Modena
  • Huyser Domaso
  • Huyser Gen Urban Belt
  • Huyser Maleo

    This E-bike has a low-maintenance belt drive: the Gates CDX Carbon Beltdrive.

  • Gen 1

    Design, quality and ease of use are characteristics of this solid e-bike. The battery is nicely concealed in the luggage carrier giving the bike a tough and robust appearance. Thanks to the extra powerful and quiet Bafang middle engine and powerful 520wh battery no hill is too high or destination too far. The ideal pedelec for both commuting and recreational trips.

  • Huyser Modena

    An E-bike with Schwalbe Roadcruiser Plus tires! Comfort and power. The powerful mid-mounted engine of this E-Bike makes driving more than effortless.

  • Huyser Domaso

    An E-bike with Schwalbe Roadcruiser Plus tires! Comfort and power. The suspension fork and seat post guarantee comfortable riding, and the walk assist also makes walking with your hand a pleasure.

  • Huyser Gen Urban Belt

    The Huyser Gen Urban Belt is the most maintenance free bicycle in the collection. Thanks to the Gates belt drive, you'll never again be bothered by rattling chains, squeaking gears or a closet full of lubricants and detergents for the bike. The Gates belt drive is maintenance free and will last up to 5 times as long as a bicycle chain. The Huyser Gen Belt is a sporty and comfortable bike with all modern conveniences and comes standard with 522wh battery with a range between 50 and 125 km. Who wouldn't want that?

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