Maassluis, Netherlands


The Huyserfiets are solid E-Bikes. They are equipped with a powerful and quiet Bafang middle engine. These bikes range from an M300 to an M420 engine.

Has your bike ever been stolen? The Huyser-Connected offers a solution to this problem. By means of a built-in GPS-Tracker (De Huyser connected) you can find your bike up to the last metre.

In this way Huyser tries to stop bicycle thieves!


  • Establisment date
  • Location
    Maassluis, Netherlands
  • Types of bike
  • Characterisation
    small-scale manufacturer
  • innovation
Models in the shop

Solid and robust e-bikes

Sale of bicycles, e-bikes, delivery tricycles, and bicycle accessories

We carry out all common bicycle repairs: also for (brand) e-bikes and cargo bikes.


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