Amsterdam, Netherlands


Roetz bikes are made with material from old discarded bikes. That sounds weird, but if you play the video above, it seems more or less obvious after just two minutes!

Approximately 40 percent of the bike is made from old materials, the rest consists of new parts, which have been selected to be as sustainable as possible.

Roetz is also a social enterprise. It employs people with a distance to the labour market.

At Roetz, you can use their website to select a beautiful bike, and select all the parts you want to have on it yourself. If you do that, the bike will be delivered to your home in a box.

You can also order Roetz from us. Then you can collect the bike from us, and you will receive all the benefits of our service. It all starts right away: we will adjust the bike to your size, tighten all the nuts, and after 4 weeks you will come back for the first service. That good start makes your bike last extra long! And that's what they like about Roetz.


  • Establishment date
  • Location
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Types of bicycle
    City bikes
  • E-bikes
  • Characterisation
    small-scale manufacturer
  • social & reuse
Models in the shop

Social, ecological & beautiful design

  • Road Ladies
  • Jules & Julie
  • Road Men
  • Road Ladies

    Roetz has an eye for design, as you can see here by the available colours: Pastel Green, Matt Army Green, Matt Ocean Blue and Matt Black. The chain screen is in the frame colour.

    The frame is made of steel and yet the bike weighs no more than around 14 kg. The components are of good quality, for example the Schwalbe Road Cruiser White Wall tires (28") and the extra thick stainless steel spokes (13G).

    The bike can be equipped with all kinds of extras, right up to a real transport bike.

    In our shop we have the 3-gear version, and a front carrier, in the color blue.
    It is an elegant and smooth bike.

  • Road+ Ladies

    The Road+ Ladies is a pedelec with an almost invisible battery and powerful but quiet engine from Zehus. The battery recharges when you pedal and brake with it. Do you want convenience and comfort when cycling, but also speed? Then choose an electric designer bike. The Road+ Ladies is with a weight of about 16 kilos, the lightest e-bike in the Netherlands and therefore very handy.

    Pictured here and check it out in our shop and try it out in the color mint green.

    Make an appointment for a test ride with this e-bike!

  • Road Men

    This is the purest and lightest version of this bike, without gears and with a solid back-pedal brake.

    Check it out in our shop and test this real urban bike.

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