Amsterdam, Netherlands


Roetz bikes are made with material from old discarded bikes. That sounds weird, but if you play the video above, it seems more or less obvious after just two minutes!

Approximately 40 percent of the bike is made from old materials, the rest consists of new parts, which have been selected to be as sustainable as possible.

Roetz is also a social enterprise. It employs people with a distance to the labour market.

At Roetz, you can use their website to select a beautiful bike, and select all the parts you want to have on it yourself. If you do that, the bike will be delivered to your home in a box.

You can also order Roetz from us. Then you can collect the bike from us, and you will receive all the benefits of our service. It all starts right away: we will adjust the bike to your size, tighten all the nuts, and after 4 weeks you will come back for the first service. That good start makes your bike last extra long! And that's what they like about Roetz.


  • Establishment date
  • Location
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Types of bicycle
    City bikes
  • E-bikes
  • Characterisation
    small-scale manufacturer
  • social & reuse
Models in the shop

Social, ecological & beautiful design

Sale of bicycles, e-bikes, delivery tricycles, and bicycle accessories

We carry out all common bicycle repairs: also for (brand) e-bikes and cargo bikes.


Vierambachtsstraat 118
3023 AT Rotterdam

010 - 477 02 40