Union focuses mainly on the urban bikers, the group of people who cycle in cities.

Quality at a good price for the right target group.

Union promotes ordering bicycles via its website. You choose a model, change it to your liking, choose at which dealer you want to pick up the bikes and pay your order at Union.

You can also choose to view and try out a Union branded bike with us. After payment, you will drive there immediately.

We keep a stock of successful Union models: the Flow, Curb, Fast and Elite.


  • Establishment date
  • Location
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Types of bicycle
    City bikes
  • Characterisation
    production on stock
    market driven & innovation
Models in the shop

Elegant City Bikes

Sale of bicycles, e-bikes, delivery tricycles, and bicycle accessories

We carry out all common bicycle repairs: also for (brand) e-bikes and cargo bikes.


Vierambachtsstraat 118
3023 AT Rotterdam

010 - 477 02 40