Amsterdam, Netherlands

Urban Arrow

Promote smart mobility in the city by bringing innovative electric cargo bikes onto the market.
That is the goal Urban Arrow has in mind.

In recent years it has made a lot of progress. Below are three of their innovative models.


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  • Location
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Types of bicycle
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    small-scale manufacturer
Models in the shop

State-of-the-art electric cargo bikes

  • Family
  • Shorty
  • Cargo L
  • Family

    This cargo bike is equipped with a Bosch engine. In combination with the delivered battery good for long trips with solid support.

    The bike can be completed and expanded with a range of accessories.

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  • Shorty

    The compact giant calls Urban Arrow this model. Small in size and light in weight this bike can carry quite a lot of cargo.

    Are you used to driving around the city by car every day: because busy and loaded with meeting stuff and other work materials? Forget that car and use this innovative, fast and manoeuvrable 'cargo bike' to get to all locations quickly and easily. A bit hip that is.

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  • Cargo L

    Enough of urban traffic jams? Having tools and supplies with you on the way? Then opt for this little truck under the cargo bikes.

    Shown is the smallest version (L) there are two variants with a longer body. This results in a cargo volume of 250 to 700 litres.
    The powerful Bosch engine ensures that the speed remains easy.

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