About Service & Warranty

We sell good stuff

We have our own package of bicycles. We actively search and select: which bikes do we want to sell. We look at the bike: how is it made. That will soon make a difference in daily use. You don't want cheap solutions that cause wear and tear and repair later on.

So first we look at the quality of the frame and the used parts, but a bike has to ride well for us, and it has to be beautiful and stylish.

On that basis we have selected our current package of bikes: good stuff starts our service.

There are many kinds of bicycle shops. We're in the mid-high segment.
So we can deliver the quality we promise. . .

When someone comes to us for a new bike, we'll talk about what you want. We walk through the shop and you find out what you like. We look at the type of bike that suits what you want, and we give you advice.
We don't sell the wrong size bikes for example. That doesn't make you happy as a cyclist.

If people want something and we or the manufacturer can't deliver it? Then we go after it to get it done, for example through a colleague.

New Customers

We sell bike models and brands that you can't find everywhere. People who are looking for a special bike will come to us that way.

Existing customers also send us new customers. They come in with
"Yeah, she said I should check here for a new bike..."

Authentic Tradition


Service starts with selling good bikes and continues when you pick up your new bike. Then we'll adjust the saddle and handlebars, and check the rest of the bike. This is part of your free delivery.

But any bike can break down.
Bikes purchased from us that are within the warranty period are repaired free of charge; we handle the administration of the repair with the manufacturer.

We prevent a lot of damage and breakdowns by giving a first free service after ten to twelve weeks on bikes purchased from us. You can really see that in a longer life of the bike.
We offer a second service after six months at a 50% discount: then we check all parts of your bike, and adjust everything optimally again.

If you need your bike on a daily basis, then you're up when it's ready for repair with us. If that's the case, we'll help you get back on the road immediately with our free rental bike. Also service, but above all so practical.

If you're on the road somewhere with a broken cargo bike, there's our pick-up service. Within a radius of about 10 kilometers we will pick up your cargo bike. We transport the cargo bike to our workshop and we call you when the repair is ready and the cargo bike can be picked up again.

  • Service: the 1st free, the 2nd half price!

  • In case of repair a loan bike

  • Pick-up service for cargo bikes


We take warranty seriously. You buy a bike from us that will give you years of pleasure. Should your bike break down, we will repair it for you. Expertly and without fuss.

Sale of bicycles, e-bikes, delivery tricycles, and bicycle accessories

We carry out all common bicycle repairs: also for (brand) e-bikes and cargo bikes.


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3023 AT Rotterdam

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